PACS as a Service

Like most IT solutions used at the core of many businesses, software is only a small part of what is required to make the solution work. Hardware is often involved and with PACS it is commonly a lot of it. Regardless of the size of the practice the capital outlay on hardware and software for a PACS solution can be quite substantial. This cost grows even more when one introduces concepts such as backups and lengthy image retention. Four to five years after the initial capital outlay it is time again so start thinking of replacing ones hardware due to failing devices, part scarcity, and systems being out-of-date or no longer supported. Historically this has been a never ending cycle...until now.

We have implemented a solution* that empowers practices to focus more on what they do best, produce radiological reports for their customers, without having to be concerned with a continuous cycle of hardware and software capital expenditure and maintenance. PACS-as-a-Service is this solution. We ensure that the necessary hardware, software, backups, and storage are in place and maintained for you and all that is required is a monthly maintenance expense.

Our solution allows for direct viewing of studies straight from the cloud for radiologists, other practice staff, and customers. Your customers will be able to view studies on any widely used device, regardless of operating system or type, through the HTML5 (zero-footprint) interface via the cloud. Included in this solution are all the same PACS features as you would expect in an on-premise system with the added benefit of not having to purchase or maintain hardware, not having to maintain server operating systems and software versions, and not having to worry about backups or uptime. All this and more is taken care of by us so that you can then place time, effort, and capital into your core areas of business instead of PACS hardware and maintenance.