ProMed has been involved in the business of radiology billing systems for the past 3 decades. ProMed’s billing platform forms the backbone to the billing of most radiology practices in South Africa.

The RIS PACS Workflow solution:

Our billing facilitates the access to all documents in real-time for immediate billing by the accounts department.


ProMed Debtors has been designed based on 30 years of radiology billing software experience. Our new system has been significantly enhanced with the latest technology. The system design and backend has been written to ensure that technical support requirements are minimal and various checks and balances are in place throughout the debtors process to ensure that the system balances.

The single central database with PRISM RIS ensures simple upgrades that are automatically pushed to your site.



    • BI function is enabled for multiple switches giving you the option to choose the best partner.
    • Web Portals facilitate easy access to reference numbers and proof of what has been submitted.

    • Backend controls prevent duplicates from switching.

    • Automated daily reports of what has been switched are provided

    • Claims can be submitted real-time and also as a batch.

    • Patient data validation, benefit checks and family checks ensure data accuracy and that funds are available.

    • Updates to the member and patients details can be pulled directly into the system.

    • Electronic remittances provide automatic suspense posting, along with the ability to match unlinked ERA’s .

    • Direct Rand Mutual Adminstrators (RMA) integration.

    • MEDPRAX integration provides accurate nappi codes and pricing.

    • Consolidated invoices can be viewed based on various search criteria and/or per main member details.

    • Tools at hand for your debtors staff, include ability to send follow-up SMS’s and Emails using free-text of templates only.

    • Multiple reporting tools are available including real-time statistics on fees, receipts, referring doctors and modalities.

    • Built in ability for users to customise reports so that they display the information that is required for your business to operate efficiently.

    • Active worklists are designed so that accounts can be allocated per credit controller.

    • Managers can overview all and move accounts between the staff for maximum productivity.

    • All worklist results search results can also be exported to Excel.

    • With a single click notes can be added to accounts.

    • Bulk functions (Handovers, Journals, Reminders and Print types) can be run on filtered worklists.

    • Worklists provide easy access to all print and scanned documents; these documents can quickly be printed or emailed to relevant parties.

    • Worklists are also categorised for ease of error handling and feeing.

    • Detailed audit logs of each transaction are stored in the system

    • Credit controllers will love the easy access to the entire patients’ transactional history, along with date and time stamped actions done by users on the account.

    • Prism Debtors with Snapscan for payments, and more, will revolutionise your credit controller’s daily work.